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Drawing Cartoons

Drawing cartoons isn’t difficult. In fact, the technique is somewhat secondary to the plot. If you don’t have a good plot, even the best drawing technique isn’t going to be of much help. On the other hand, a good plot will keep people interested, even if you aren’t so skilled at drawing cartoons. Of course, there’s a minimum skill that you have to have. First of all, you have to imagine the scene you want. Are the characters running, walking, eating or fighting? Are they sitting on […]

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The world of entertainment is vast and varied. In this world you will find many different styles ranging from live action entertainment to that of animated figures. These animated figures can be divided into two segments. The traditional cartoon hand drawn figures or that of the computer generated figures. While you will find many types of animation which uses both of these styles of creation the different animes are ones which are rapidly capturing the imagination of many people. When you hear people referring to animes in […]

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